Artist's Book


My book art combines accessible materials like xerox with unconventional papers and fine art techniques like letterpress and wood carving. I strive to create structures and handling experiences that support the story within.


NO-SHIP BRAND MANUAL (2014). 64 pages, ink-jet printed in full color on vellum and ledger paper, bound using a coptic stitch, 7.5"x7.5" closed. No-Ship Brand Manual is presented as an artifact from Frank Herbert's Dune universe. In the later books of the original Dune series, there is a type of super stealth space craft called a No-Ship. Though they play a key part in the plot, their aesthetic is unexplored. Probably because you can't see them. What a cop out. My book is an exploration of the No-Ship, in the format of an internal brand manual from the manufacturing planet of Ix. This one of a kind artist’s book is presented in four sections. Each section begins with a title page and an introduction page, both of which have a cut corner so that the vellum pages following are partially exposed. Inside each section is a diagram, creating an overlay effect. (Documentation of process)

HUMID CHOICES (2014). 4"x6" (when closed) book. "Humid Choices" is a single sheet book in an enclosure pocket. The enclosure pocket was digitally printed featuring drawings by Joshua Kovarik. A reader navigates the book almost as a conventional codex, but contains a hidden panel. The book was printed on a letterpress using polymer plates and reduction woodcuts. Edition of 20. (Documentation of process)

UNCLAIMED BODIES (2014). 11"x11" (when closed). Codex bound in textile with woodblock print. Book of hand-drawn infographics and conceptual maps for use with the Jonestown Massacre Memorial grave site at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, CA. Inner pages are digitally printed, with stone rubbing and reduction woodcut frontispiece. Edition of one. (Documentation of process)

DESPAIR (2013). 9"x9" (when closed), accordion book. "Despair" is an accordion book inspired by Pauline Oliveros' piece "TO VALERIE SOLANAS AND MARILYN MONROE IN RECOGNITION OF THEIR DESPERATION." The page on the left was printed on a letterpress using hand set lead type. The page on the right was printed on a letterpress using hand set ornaments and type. The paper is Rives BFK. Edition of 6.

MATRIARCH (2014). Six portraits of my female ancestors, carved in lineoleum blocks and letterpress printed in multiple sepias. Enclosed in collograph-printed envelope with brief note.

NIL PER OS (2014). Stab-bound notebook/non-narrative novel about a teenage girl’s psychiatric institutionalization, told through partially redacted medical charts. Letterpress and xerox, various papers, 40 pages, edition of 50. (Documentation of process)

DEAR EVERYONE (2013). Pamphlet stitch haiku chapbook about loneliness and outer space. Various papers, hand set type, polymer plates, and vintage blocks. Edition of 20.